District and Supreme Court

Which courts can RK Law represent me in?

In Central Queensland, RK Law regularly appears in:
– Rockhampton District and Supreme Court
– Mackay District and Supreme Court
– Gladstone District Court
– Emerald District Court

What matters go to the District or Supreme Court?

The District Court deals with criminal charges that carry a penalty between 3 years and 14 years imprisonment. This includes offences like:
– Grievous bodily harm
– Serious assault
– Rape and sexual offences
– Serious fraud offences
– Drug offences

The Supreme Court deals with Criminal Charges that carry a penalty of more than 14 years imprisonment. This includes offences like:
– Murder
– Drug trafficking
– Commercial drug offences

Because these offences are more serious, the hearings of these matters are conducted by a Jury.

The District Court also deals with personal disputes between $150,000 and $750,000.  The Supreme Court deals with personal disputes over $750,000.

Does a District or Supreme Court charge mean prison time?

Most offences in the District and Supreme Court require that the person charged spend actual time in prison if they plead or are found guilty. RK Law have access to the best defence barristers in Queensland, and we can ensure that you have the best defence team on your side.

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