Marjorie – PLT is Complete

Today is a very special day for Marjorie Foley who has completed the practical component of her PLT.  She is due for admission as a lawyer at the end of 2020.  We have been fortunate enough to have Marjorie join us to complete almost 3 months of Practical Legal Training through the College of Law.   This is the final step before the  application for admission as a lawyer in Queensland.

This is what Marjorie said about her time at RK Law to date:

“Over the last few months at RK Law, I learned the importance for Criminal Law and Family Law practitioners to remain humble, courteous and respectful to clients, colleagues and stakeholders.  I now realise the importance of collaboration, being able to have a network of experts in the practice area – that you can ask for guidance for different matters. I  have a new found appreciation for the passion and resilience of both family practitioners and criminal defence practitioners.
The last few months have renewed my passion for advocacy and really confirmed my passion for my chosen career in Family Law and Criminal Defence work at RK Law.”

Well done Marjorie!

We are extremely proud of you!

From Rowan King (and your work family) at RK Law!

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