Our team loves to volunteer

Rowan, our Principal Lawyer, leads by example when it comes to volunteering.

Leading the way to support local business

As an active member of the community, Rowan is President of the Caloundra-based BNI Powerhouse Chapter. BNI is a powerful business networking group. Local members gain access to events, referrals, networking and more. This isn’t possible without a team of people making sure the BNI Chapter is managed and Rowan is honoured to help ‘take the helm’ in making this happen.

Presenting for Professional Development

Rowan is regularly approached to speak at professional development days.  He has presented to the Justice of the Peace Branch at their meetings and even ran a mock court to help JPs better understand the court process, and the significance of documents they witness.

As a long-time partner of the Queensland Justice Association, Rowan gives his time to train future Justices of the Peace and encourage new JP’s into practice.

AFL Judiciary & Moot Courts

Rowan has been a member of the AFL CQ judiciary since 2017 determining player misconduct on the field.   He is also regularly approached to assist schools and universities to judge their mooting competitions.

Front Line Coffee

During the COVID-19 restrictions, RK Law donated 100 coffees to frontline medical staff before Rowan decided to volunteer on the coffee machine every Tuesday and Thursday night from 8:00-11:00pm.

Community Legal Centres

Rowan also volunteers with the Sunshine Coast, Cairns and Central Queensland Community Legal Centre, giving free legal advice in Thursday night legal clinics. This helps those who can’t afford legal representation but aren’t eligible for Legal Aid.

Community – Through thick and thin, we’re on your side

Between 2017 and 2021, RK Law were sponsors and commercial partners of the Central Queensland Capras. Our partnership is much more than just a logo up at Browne Park – we’re always looking for ways to use our sponsorship for good. We provide legal advice to the Capras, as well as participating in community events and donating tickets to passionate locals. We love our team, and we love being a part of the local football community.

Interested in a legal career?

We’re ready to welcome the next generation of lawyers into the profession.  Since 2017, RK Law has helped 9 lawyers obtain their admission as lawyers. Rowan also gives back to future lawyers, including sharing his story and experience as a guest lecturer for the College of Law Australia’s Admission to Practice Academy – helping law graduates choose the area of the law that’s right for them.  It is important to ensure that when you enter the legal community you have mentors.    This community approach was the focus of Rowan’s recent lecture at the College of Law.  To access that lecture click here.

RK Law also welcomes work experience students from school or university, and can be seen at local high school and university careers information sessions.

To express your interest or connect with our team – email us: or click here for further contact information.


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