Marjorie – PLT is Complete

September 22, 2020

Today is a very special day for Marjorie Foley who has completed the practical component of her PLT.  She is due for admission as a lawyer at the end of 2020.  We have been fortunate enough to have Marjorie join us to complete almost 3 months of Practical Legal Training through the College of Law.   This is the final step before the  application for admission as a lawyer in Queensland.

This is what Marjorie said about her time at RK Law to date:

“Over the last few months at RK Law, I learned the importance for Criminal Law and Family Law practitioners to remain humble, courteous and respectful to clients, colleagues and stakeholders.  I now realise the importance of collaboration, being able to have a network of experts in the practice area – that you can ask for guidance for different matters. I  have a new found appreciation for the passion and resilience of both family practitioners and criminal defence practitioners.
The last few months have renewed my passion for advocacy and really confirmed my passion for my chosen career in Family Law and Criminal Defence work at RK Law.”

Well done Marjorie!

We are extremely proud of you!

From Rowan King (and your work family) at RK Law!

In the News August & September 2020

September 20, 2020

Check out Rowan King and Lachlan Robertson’s most recent cases in the Morning Bulletin:

Defence lawyer Rowan King said Weeding found it difficult to survive upon release from custody having spent so much time in prison over the years.

Defence lawyer Rowan King said the offences last year took place while Delaware was mentally unwell, but had no official diagnosis, only an explanation that a relationship breakdown occurred and Delaware turned to any drug he could get his hands on, leading to his life spiralling downward.

Defence lawyer Lachlan Robertson said there was some history between his client and the victim. “There has been some arguing back and forth, which resulted in this offence before the court today,” Mr Robertson said.

Defence lawyer Lachlan Robertson said his client, who works in a Central Queensland mine, cared for their daughter and his stepson.  He said the woman contacts his client about other matters.


Defence Lawyers – Lachlan Robertson & Rowan King


Happy 21st to Maggie Warrington

September 17, 2020

It’s been a month of celebrations here at RK Law, and today was no exception as we helped our receptionist, Maggie Warrington, celebrate her 21st birthday.

While Maggie has only been with us a few months, she’s made a clear contribution to our office culture and brings a never-ending fountain of positivity and her great attitude to the RK Law team every day.

Happy birthday Maggie – we look forward to celebrating many more with you.

Out and about in Central Queensland

September 15, 2020

One of our Solicitors, Lachlan Robertson, appeared in Emerald District Court this morning to represent a client with another great outcome achieved.

Our Solicitors frequently travel to Emerald, Blackwater & Gladstone. Contact our office today if you have a matter located outside of Rockhampton, we would love to discuss with you how we can assist.

For more information about where we travel to click here!


Casual Admin – 3 days Per Week

September 10, 2020


RK Law is now seeking a driven Administration Assistant to join our brand new and expanding East Street office.
You will proactively provide support to our legal team with general administrative duties, in order to obtain the best results in court for our clients, from file opening to closure.


If you would like to apply we will accept applications by Email only.
You must send the email to attaching a PDF of the following:
  • A covering letter, and
  • Your current CV.
The covering letter must be addressed to our Office Manager – Betty Murison, and must set out:
  • your recent relevant experience in office administration, and
  • why you are the right person for the job.


We are defence lawyers. We solve problems. Based in Rockhampton, RK Law works with clients all around Queensland.
We appear regularly in all courts in Queensland for Criminal Law, Domestic Violence and Family Law matters. Our firm is fast-paced and innovative. For more information about our firm check out our Facebook page @RKLAWQLD


  • General office administration as required (including telephone calls, mail requirements, photocopying, filing, stationery requirements, office purchases, maintaining the office etc)
  • Reception duties, including greeting clients and organising meeting rooms
  • Prepare matters for conference and hearing including preparation of court documents, legal documents and general correspondence
  • Drafting briefs of evidence in Criminal, DV and Family Law matters
  • General file and archiving management


  • Demonstrated experience in an administration role, preferably in the legal, accounting or medical industry
  • Fast and accurate typing skills in Word, Outlook, Teams or other Microsoft Office programs
  • Demonstrated strong written and verbal communication skills, with a customer service focus
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Polished, professional presentation, with a polite and courteous phone manner
  • Strong work ethic and keen interest to learn
  • Demonstrated ability to prioritise and multi-task


We want the right person for the job that will fit in with our office culture.
If you want to advance your career and reach your potential whilst earning a competitive wage, connect with us via Email today!
We look forward to hearing from you!
From Betty and the RK Law Team!

Exciting growth for RK Law

September 1, 2020

RK Law has recently expanded our team, so we have outgrown our current office space. Our exciting news is this: we are moving up in the world and moving our head office even closer to the Rockhampton Magistrates’ Court.

From Monday 7 September 2020, the new-look RK Law will be located at Level 3, 36 East Street, Rockhampton – directly across Fitzroy Street, facing the Court.

Accessing our new offices

Street parking is available on East Street. The door to enter the Fitzroy & East Building is on Fitzroy Street. Take the elevator to Level 3 and follow the signs for RK Law. We’re located on the right, just past the elevator.

The new-look RK Law

Along with our move, we are also rolling out a rebrand that has been in the works for quite some time. Our new logo reflects our vision to be a law firm that delivers outstanding results across all of Queensland – but our commitment to fight for our clients hasn’t changed at all.

No matter who you are or what you have done, RK Law is here to defend your future.

With staff now in Rockhampton, Brisbane and Cairns, we have a vision to build a permanent presence throughout the major cities in Queensland.

Thank you for being part of the RK Law journey so far.

Rowan King and the RK Law team

AHPRA Charges Dropped

June 22, 2020

Last week RK Law was extremely proud to defend a claim by AHPRA against an experienced Nurse to revoke their nursing registration. We received a great outcome for a client who was wrongfully accused of misconduct as a Nurse in a facility.

When the complaint was received, the outlook appeared grim for the Nurse. There were several Stat. Decs. from key management staff in the organisation supporting the allegations. A number of times the Nurse asked whether it was worth pursuing, and even recently if it was worth re-applying for Registration for the 2020/21 registration year.

After leaving the facility, the Nurse was re-employed in a very high paying job in another location. The complaint to the Regulation Agency was used against the Nurse to terminate subsequent high paying job. It was also a further barrier to obtaining other employment in the industry as the Nurse had to declare the pending case to prospective employers.

This meant the Nurse had to live and work in another State from the Nurse’s partner, as it was impossible to obtain work locally due to the stigma of “stealing medication from a dead patient”. At or about the same time, the Nurse’s partner had a deterioration in their health, causing them to retire from work – affecting cash-flow and the ability to pay for legal services.

It was clear when taking instructions that the Nurse had no idea about the allegations. We organised the Nurse to provide independent records such as telephone records and bank transactions. From this, we were able to defend the Nurse in the lengthy proceedings.

It was also a case where we felt so passionate about the injustice, that Principal Lawyer, Rowan King took the case on Pro Bono putting in most of the man-hours outside of core work hours – due to the poor financial position of the Nurse – and the inability to fund the matter with the declining health of the Nurse’s partner.

The Nurse retained RK Law, who successfully defended the allegations and received not only a dismissal of the allegations but justice after a 2 year battle with a disgruntled former employer. The Nursing industry is better having this practitioner (with over 35 years experience) back in the field.

Below is a summary of the matter:

The Allegations:
  • Failing to provide pain relief to an acutely ill patient; and,
  • Stealing medication from a deceased patient.


  • The Nurse was employed with an organisation in Queensland in a management capacity.
  • The Nurse was terminated by employer.
  • Fair Work proceedings successful resulting in a pay-out to the Nurse for unfair and unlawful dismissal,
  • On the day that the “pay-out” was transferred to the bank account of the Nurse in accordance with the Fair Work proceedings, a complaint was made to the Regulation Agency about the above allegations.


Evidence for the Complainant:
  • The complainant produced Statutory Declarations from several staff that stated the Nurse had failed to provide treatment to a patient causing discomfort to the patient and the requirement for hospitalisation.
  • Statutory declarations from two staff members that said the Nurse had made multiple phone calls directing a staff member via telephone to steal a deceased patient’s medication and drop it to the Nurses house.
  • Mention was made in the Stat. Decs. to documentary evidence (which when requested – did not actually exist).


Independent Evidence:
  • File Notes and Patient Records.
  • Policies and Procedure Manuals.
  • No evidence of a complaint to Police (despite theft of medication).
  • Over 9-month delay to report the matters to the Agency.
  • The alleged stolen medication was not a “dependency medication” and it was one which the nurse could not use unless they had the relevant condition the deceased person suffered from – without causing death or serious injury.


Evidence for the Nurse:
  • RK Law organised to secure Bank Statements and Phone Records that showed the Nurse was at all relevant times in Central NSW on Annual Leave, and the Nurse’s partner was in North Queensland having medical treatment.
  • The Board noted that the telephone records demonstrated there was only one phone call from the Nurses mobile phone to the facility during the relevant period.  That phone call lasted 16 seconds and was made two weekends following the patient’s death. The phone call was made from Central NSW.
  • The evidence gathered by RK Law supported the argument that this was a malicious complaint.


If you have received a complaint from a regulation authority, you must contact RK Law immediately!

Betty Murison – 2 years at RK Law

June 9, 2020

Today we are thankful for the hard work and dedication of our super-star Paralegal and my P.A. – Betty Murison.

9.06.2020 – Message from Rowan King – Principal Lawyer of RK Law:

In my experience in the workforce, it is rare to come across a truly indispensable member of staff.  Just over 2 years ago, I was fortunate enough to cross paths with Betty.  At the time, she was working for one of our competitors.  I naturally assumed she was 100 years old, because her name was “Betty”.  She had expressed an interest to join our team, and we were unfortunately not in a position to get her on at that time.  But one day in May/June 2018, the stars aligned, and we were able to offer Betty a job with our firm.

The recruitment of Betty to RK Law, in my view, will be something we look back on in years to come as a pivotal moment in the life of our business.  Betty displays an unmatched passion for excellence in all aspects of her job.

Betty has the perfect combination of:

  • Professionalism;
  • Kindness;
  • Work Ethic; and
  • Loyalty.

Betty also has the ability to put the fear of God into anyone who snitches on her, forgets to lodge a Legal Aid claim or fails to correctly name a document in our database.

Around 6 months into her employment, Betty spoke to me, and it was clear she was upset.  She said her husband had been transferred with work, and she was leaving Rockhampton.

Due to her commitment to the firm, her solid work ethic, and her “Donna” skills (watch Suits if you don’t get it), Beverly and I kept her on working remotely.

Betty does her job to such a high standard that most clients do not realise she is 1064km away.

We fly Betty down to our East Street Office, and Beverly, Lachlan, Maggie and I have the pleasure of spending 1 week with her each month (subject to Corona Virus).

It is important to honour when honour is due.

I know that I am a better lawyer thanks to Betty’s support and assistance over the last 2 years.  I know RK Law is also a better place thanks to her input into our business.

Thank you Betty for your hard work and commitment to RK Law over this last 2 years.

I look forward to many more years working with you!

Rowan King



Morning Bulletin Article – 23.05.2020 – RKLAWQLD

May 23, 2020

An RK Law case in the news:

“Defence lawyer Rowan King said his client served five years of the prison term after being found guilty by a jury.

He said Donoghue had been in a relationship with the victim of this latest incident, but it had since ended. Mr King said Donoghue was the sole carer of his two children and lived outside of Rockhampton.”

Read the full story here!

COVID19 Coffee

May 20, 2020

RK Law is not just about fighting in the Court Room and getting results for our clients.  We are here in Central Queensland and always looking for ways to make a difference in our community.

It is 11:00pm and after a long day in the office, Rockhampton Defence Lawyer Rowan King is volunteering at Rocky Hospital with the Calvary Team making Café quality coffees for our front line staff on the late shift.

This is an initiative during the current COVID period to keep the caffeine flowing into our Hospital Staff.

Reflections from Rowan:

We are so lucky to have such amazing front line staff in Central Queensland.  I have been able to connect with the wonderful hospital staff.  You can take for granted the significance of the stress our nurses and doctors deal with day-to-day on a shift, external of COVID-19.

For example, I spoke to one medical staff member on one of the nights who looked exhausted.  They told me that during the shift the night before they had attempted to resuscitate a person.   They tried for a number of hours but could not save the patient.  That happened right at the end of the shift. The medical staff member got home and due to the adrenaline, they could not sleep.   They eventually got a few hours before getting the scrubs back on and getting onto the next patient.  They had shared thoughts such as “could I have done something better to save the patient?”.  A double shot was in order.  It was clear that burden that staff member was carrying was huge!

If a lawyer makes a mistake, and the magistrate makes a bad call due to the lawyer’s error, it will go on appeal and get fixed. There may be some inconvenience, but at the end of the day – no one died!

This volunteering has reminded me to be thankful for our front line medical staff (including the cleaners, wardies, and security) not just during COVID, but at all times.  It has also reminded me not to sook when I have a bad day at work!

Also a special thanks to Calvary Rockhampton who organise the coffee cart and provide the coffees.


Lachlan Robertson

Today we celebrate Lachlan Robertson (Lawyer) who has been with our firm for 1 year.

Lachlan has worked extremely hard to make himself an indispensable defence lawyer in our Rockhampton team.

He has appeared on a number of Trials and Sentences in the Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts obtaining some fantastic outcomes for his clients.

On behalf of the Firm, we thank Lachlan for his hard work and dedication to RK Law, and we look forward to many more years with him on our team!

From Rowan, Beverly and Betty (your RK Law family).


We Need a Lawyer!

May 19, 2020



RK Law is a busy Criminal, DV and Family Law firm on East Street Rockhampton. We are urgently seeking a full-time lawyer to become a valued member of our team. We currently have 3 Lawyers and 3 admin staff. We operate a thriving, vibrant practice and have built an outstanding reputation throughout Central Queensland.
  • Appearing in FCC, Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts on a daily basis for mentions, sentences, contested applications and hearings;
  • Drafting Affidavits, Applications, and other court documents in Criminal and Family Law matters;
  • Autonomous conduct of criminal family and DV files in both summary and committal streams;
  • Liaising with clients, court staff, prosecution agencies and external stakeholders; and
  • Instructing and working closely with Counsel.
  • Preferable minimum of 6 months PAE (We would prefer someone who is Duty Lawyer Accredited or keen to become a Duty Lawyer);
  • Outstanding written and verbal advocacy skills;
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills;
  • Proven experience in criminal and family law;
  • Knowledge of Legal Aid Queensland guidelines and processes.
  • Competitive Salary + Super available to the right candidate.
  • CPD Conferences.
  • Immediate start available.
Please provide a copy of your CV and a covering letter to our jobs emails account:
Job Types: Full-time, Permanent
Salary: $50,000.00 to $80,000.00 /year

RK Law celebrates International Womens Day

March 8, 2020

Today we acknowledge and celebrate International Womens Day. We are incredibly grateful for the amazing women who work at RK Law. We are blessed with the best!

To all the women in our local community and beyond, we celebrate you today and all the unique and wonderful qualities you bring to the world around you.

A red-letter day for RK Law

February 17, 2020

We love our team at RK Law and today we all had smiles on our faces as our graduate lawyer, Lachlan Robertson, was officially admitted to the legal profession.

Lachlan was sworn in as a lawyer today in the Rockhampton Supreme court, and we’re proud to say the whole RK Law team was there to cheer him on.

Well done Lachlan – we know you’ve got great things ahead of you.

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