DV – 3 things you need to know!

DV – 3 things you need to know:

  1. You can always challenge the making of a Domestic Violence Protection Order or the conditions sought. Most people who complain to us about DVOs or their conditions did not actually challenge the Order being made.  They didn’t go to court, or they consented to the Order without admission at a mention.
  2. You cannot challenge the making of a DVO on the first court date.  The matter needs to go to trial if it is challenged.  The court will issue directions to lodge affidavits and evidence, and the primary evidence is all contained in writing.  This is why it is helpful to have an experienced lawyer on your side in preparation for the hearing.
  3. Whilst a protection order is a “private civil order”.  Some people think there are no consequences because it is “secret” or “private”, but we have seen DVOs used to justify:
    • Ceasing contact and access to children;
    • Revoking a blue card & their ability to work with children;
    • the revocation of a weapons licence; and
    • the police to detaining and holding people in custody should there be further allegations.  It is also a factor the Police point to when it comes to assessing whether or not your should get bail – often for un-related charges.

Do not let one allegation ruin your future.   Caloundra Defence Lawyer Rowan King has run 100s of Domestic Violence trials.   For this reason we can lock in a fixed fee to run the trial whether you are the Applicant or the Respondent.


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