Legal Aid Provider on the Sunshine Coast

RK Law is a preferred supplier for Legal Aid Queensland on the Sunshine Coast. We are passionate about defending clients from every walk of life and Legal Aid gives us the opportunity to do that for those that can’t afford legal help.

The support of Legal Aid Queensland means that RK Law can help you from the initial Legal Aid Application right through until the conclusion of your matter.*

What does Legal Aid cover? 

Legal Aid QLD provides government financial assistance. You can access this financial help for legal matters relating to:

  • criminal law
  • domestic violence (DV)
  • coronial inquests.

If you are eligible, our team can help you to complete the necessary forms and lodge the application for assistance on your behalf. You can make an appointment or simply drop in and see the team.

What forms and documentation do I need to access Legal Aid?

RK Law can help you through your application for Legal Aid. To smooth out this process you should bring with you:

  • proof of Income (1 month of payslips) or Centrelink statements (such as an income statement)
  • your bank statements from the last 3 months
  • copies of any relevant material
    • for Criminal Matters – your QP9 & Criminal History
    • for DV Matters – the application for a protection order

We can print any necessary documents on your behalf. Simply email these to us before your appointment or use a computer at our office to access what you need. 

What if I’m not eligible for Legal Aid?

Having a defence lawyer to represent you is the best way to ensure a just outcome. If you are not eligible for Legal Aid, we will still provide you with an up-front estimate of fees under our no-surprises policy. 

If you need a defence lawyer to stand by you and fight for justice in your situation, then we’d love to help you. You can see a list of our services at and can contact us via our website.

For more information about Legal Aid, head to their website at

*Please note – matters which are funded by legal aid are subject to strict financial and merit eligibility requirements. Assistance provided by RK Law may cease if funding is withdrawn by Legal Aid.


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