Truck driver receives bail with RK Law

In a recent court case, principal lawyer Rowan King defended a truck driver after a fatal accident. The incident occurred while our client was driving a truck near Stanwell, west of Rockhampton. The truck crashed into the rear of an ambulance that was stationary at a temporary traffic light set-up for roadworks.  

Defence lawyer Rowan King told the court that the evidence was still unclear on whether the signs were visible in the lead-up to the accident and that the charges could possibly be amended in the future.

While reading from court documents, Mr King said his client had told police, “I didn’t see the signs. There were no signs”.

“[There is] nothing in the material about his manner of driving. It is not alleged he was under the influence or speeding,” Mr King said. “It could just be the case of a momentary lapse of inattention and not the dangerous operation of a vehicle, which is alleged.”

Mr King also told the court his client had sustained significant injuries in the incident, including a “hole in his skull from when he hit the pavement when the truck rolled”.

Magistrate Cameron Press told the court he was not satisfied that the accused presented an “unacceptable risk of failing to appear”, and that he would grant bail under strict conditions.

Click here to read the story in full covered by ABC News.

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